Greetings Friends!

Greetings Internet, and welcome to my lair.

My name is Grumbl3dook and to start off this blog I thought I’d give you a quick roundup of what you’ll find here and why the hell you should even care. This blog will update with frequent highlights from the geekiest (and sometimes, I confess, nerdiest) corners of the web. I’ll be writing about whatever catches my attention but there will be plenty of:

Video Games (reviews, flash games, playthroughs, news, feuds)

Science (new tech, new ideas, funky math and explosions)

Humour (whatever made me laugh recently)

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and recently got the inspiration I needed to start, so I’m getting off my lazy arse and writing. Well… Technically I may be remaining on my lazy arse, but the writing is getting done god dammit! I’m doing this because I’m passionate about the topics I’ll be covering and I want to know what the internet thinks about all the random thoughts I’ve got floating around inside my head. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting – I’m a lawyer/gamer (cf. Phoenix Wright), so if I can’t think of anything interesting to say here I’m pretty much screwed IRL.

Most of all I really hope you guys enjoy the site, and I’m looking forward to your thoughts on my humble offerings.

Welcome to the lair!

Grumbl3dook out.

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