Greetings Internet!

So things have changed recently for me, hence the massive lack of posts coming up for which I apologise. What changed was discovering the simply massive scope for experimentation and creative endeavour in Dota 2, the worlds biggest MOBA.

Some of you might remember I did a few posts and videos on dota back when I was still posting. The reason for the huge gap after that was I started to try and get a team organized and work on my skill at the game to the point where I could start casting and commentating games – a hobby where the sky is the limit in terms of how far you can go.

That point has finally arrived. At the end of this post are links to my new sites under my new channel name: Grumbl3dookGaming (or GG for short – and if you get the joke then WP to you). I’ll be livestreaming frequently (‘daily’ seems slightly overambitious…) on Twitch and my youtube channel will be frequently updated with tutorials, funny dota-stuff and commentaries. I’ve also got a new, dota-dedicated blog up which will will have blog posts on the meta-game and patch updates, as well as links to all my other content.

Sadly it means I wont have time to keep up with this blog so rather than continually hoping for more free time to post I think its better to bid you all, and this blog, adieu. I hope anyone who liked my posts and is interested in the game rejoins the fold on my new channels and blogs but to anyone who chooses not to:



Grumbl3dook Gaming (GG)

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